The Benefits of Getting Your Property Inspected

Properties that have been around for ten, fifteen, or twenty years will be approaching the point when serious maintenance is required. A lot of homes are even older. 

If you’re ever unsure about the condition of your home, having a professional check it out can be a huge help.

Uncover Maintenance Issues

A problem might be easy to spot if it’s obvious. If it’s a hot day and your air conditioner stops working, you’re probably going to move quickly to get it repaired as soon as possible. But a lot of maintenance issues can go undetected and under the radar for years without being obvious. 

The difficult thing is that they can still cause deep, systemic, issues when left alone. For example–a small section of the roof that has developed a leak in a previous storm may go unnoticed for months, even if it is causing mold growth in the attic.

Look for Safety Hazards

These issues, in turn, can lead to genuinely dangerous conditions. A home with an insecure foundation is at risk for collapse, which can be deadly. Older homes with asbestos or lead paint still present can lead to cancer. 

Spores from black mold can lead to damaging physical symptoms. Electrical wires that have come loose can cause fires or electrocution. Pests like insects or rodents can cause disease. Garage doors are particularly dangerous when they are faulty. None of these problems start out severe–but with time, going on for months or years without the professional eye to spot them, they can cause real damage. You never know what you might be missing when you check.

Prepare for Sale

Every situation is different. If you are preparing for the sale of your property, a verified inspection from a trusted local professional is absolutely necessary. You will need their results in order to know what to fix and renovate before putting it on the market. It’s also possible that it will be inspected multiple times, just in case the buyer wants a second opinion. 

Even if you’re not currently preparing for a sale–you never know! Circumstances can change quickly and it is always better to have your home in the best condition possible.

It’s important to do the research necessary. Try to look up who some of your local home inspectors may be. Make sure that they are licensed. Pick an affordable inspector that also has a good track record with previous customers. 

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