Selling Points to Highlight During an Open House

Selling your home is all about marketing. One powerful marketing strategy is to hold an open house. The best open houses aren’t just haphazard walkthroughs. Instead, they are utilized as a way to highlight a home’s best selling points to an extensive crowd. Here are some features you should consider highlighting at your open house.

Backyard Features

The backyard is often a major selling point. If you have a great backyard, feel free to showcase it as much as possible. Start by sprucing things up and getting everything looking its best. Mow the lawn, edge, weed, trim bushes, power wash the patio, and clean off your patio furniture. 

Then, use strategically placed accent lighting, brightly colored flowers, and yard art to highlight the yard’s best features. This might include an outdoor kitchen, covered patio, pool, hot tub, sports court, flower garden, fruit trees, and more.

Guest Rooms

For today’s buyers, a guest room is a big selling point. Guest rooms almost always add additional value to a property. People love having family and friends come to visit, and having a guest room makes that so much easier. 

One tip for showing off your guest room is to furnish and decorate it as a guest room, even if it is currently being used for something else. You want potential buyers to recognize that a space can be used as a guest room at first glance. A beautifully staged guest room will give you major selling points. Think of a lavish hotel room as you decorate!

Updates and Remodels

People are suckers for new updates and recently remodeled rooms. If you have invested in either, be sure to highlight them at your open house. Popular updates include remodeled bathrooms, new hardwood floors, gleaming stone countertops such as quartz and granite, modern appliances, refurbished cabinets, new built-ins, and trendy fixtures. Draw attention to your new updates and remodels by decluttering the space around them, getting them squeaky clean, turning on the lights, and enhancing them with tasteful art, décor, flowers, or lit candles.


Remember, when it comes to an open house, staging is everything. Show your home off in its best light, highlighting its best features and downplaying the worst ones. Declutter, depersonalize, and make your home feel clean, light, airy, homey, and happy. You will be amazed at the difference a well-staged home can make in drawing people in. 


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