When is the best time of the year to sell a home?

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The housing market can fluctuate drastically from month to month. While it’s difficult to predict exactly the best time in any given year to sell your home, there are some trends you can expect to see throughout the seasons. Spring is typically considered the best time for sellers, but this isn’t true in all circumstances. […]

New Home Construction Ends The Year Strong

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The number of homes available for sale has been lower than normal for a while now. In many markets, there aren’t enough homes for sale to meet buyer demand, and – since there are more buyers than available homes – prices and competition continue to rise. In short, more new homes are needed. So it’s encouraging that the most recent …

What can you expect at a closing?

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Your closing is the moment you officially become the owner of your new home. This is an incredibly exciting experience, but it also can be stressful. The closing is the culmination of months of work and anticipation, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Preparing in advance is the best way to put your mind at […]

How to avoid overpaying for a home?

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Overpaying for a home is an unfortunately common problem, especially for first-time buyers and people in hot real estate markets. When you’ve never gone through the home-buying process before, it’s difficult to know whether or not you’re getting a good deal. If the market is competitive, overpaying becomes an even bigger risk because you may […]

How Much Is The Median Down Payment Now?

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In the minds of home buyers, there are two big numbers to consider. One is the monthly mortgage payment. Calculating what a particular house will cost you each month is an important determiner of whether or not you can really afford it. But you can’t calculate your prospective monthly mortgage payment without knowing first what your down payment will be. …

The Pros & Cons Of Home Owner Associations

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A homeowners’ association is one of many factors to consider before you purchase a home. More than half of recently built homes belong to an HOA, so you’ll probably encounter at least one association during your house hunting experience. An HOA is an organization that provides a neighborhood with maintenance services and amenities while enforcing […]

Fun Features That Make Your Vacation Property Stand Out

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You know how to invest well, which is why you have a vacation property you rent out to guests. Certain features, however, make your vacation property more appealing than the competition. Although these features tend to require an additional investment on your part and a little bit of upkeep, they are worth it over time. Here are some money-making features …