Types of Properties Beginners Should Buy

Real estate holds huge potential for financial growth. Whether you’re looking to begin investing or just trying to buy your first home, you need to know the best initial options. Here are some of the most accessible and practical choices.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are one of the most common and practical choices. They’re going to be the default property in the vast majority of suburban areas, but can usually be found in both the city and the country as well. The range of price and quality is extensive–meaning that you will very likely find the property you need. Whether you need an affordable home to start your family, or whether you’re looking to rent it out to families who are trying to move into the area, this one should be on the shortlist. You’ll be able to find everything from cheap accommodations for a young couple to luxurious homes with two floors for a big family.


Condos are another excellent option but are often left forgotten by most real estate beginners. Owning a condo provides the financial stability of owning property without the inconvenience and work that comes with a property size of a standard home. Their ideal locations (touristy areas, beaches, etc.) mean that they are attractive options for a variety of people. Exterior maintenance on a condo is handled by the management company, so that’s just one more thing that you won’t have to worry about. They also can gather a wider variety of tenants, since single people and students will be attracted to condos along with small families. 

Anything at a Good Location

While the property itself can make a significant difference in how easily you can find tenants, the location will probably be one of the most critical deciding factors. People will often be willing to compromise on the size or quality of their home in favor of a good area–especially when it comes to families since people usually prioritize the safety and education of their kids. Properties in high-density urban centers also tend to be worth more and tend to be in close proximity to a lot of local necessities. 


Consider your options carefully. Every state’s housing market is different, and every county and city within that state will have differences as well. You need to know what your absolute best possibilities are before moving forward. Talk to people with lots of experience in real estate and do plenty of research!


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