Types of Home Sales That Get Tricky

If you’re trying to sell your home for the first time, you probably don’t realize many of the challenges you might run into. When the market is competitive and home buyers are picky, it can be quite difficult to sell your home. Here are a few different types of home sales that get tricky. 

Old Homes

First, old homes can be difficult to sell. Old homes often have many features that need repair or updating. Even if they’ve been well-maintained and are in pretty good shape, old homes are often costly for homeowners who will have to replace many different features and appliances over the years. 

For this reason, many buyers steer clear of older homes when they’re trying to purchase a home. If you’re trying to sell an old home, make sure you’re familiar with the types of buyers that will be interested in your property and market your sale to them. Often, you might end up selling an older home to a young family or couple that has a limited budget for their home purchase. 


Fixer-uppers can also be a bit tricky to sell. Fixer-uppers often have many extensive renovations that need to be taken care of after they’re sold, which will add a lot of expenses to your potential buyer’s budget. 

Usually, fixer-uppers have complicated issues that need to be taken care of, issues that can’t be resolved with a mere appliance replacement or a new coat of paint. For example, they might need the roof and flooring to be replaced. For this reason, fixer-uppers don’t often sell for a high (or even average) market price. It’s not uncommon to get low offers when selling a fixer-upper.

Probate Homes

Probate homes can also be tricky to sell because of their complicated legal situation. Probate homes haven’t been properly passed on in the inheritance process due to a lack of legal documents or preparation. To prevent a home from going into probate, its inheritance must be stated in joint ownership, living trust, transfer-on-death deed, or community property law. If this isn’t properly taken care of, the prospective inheritor will have to go to probate court to resolve legal issues and regain ownership of the house. For this reason, many families choose to sell the probate house instead of going through the lengthy probate process. However, cash buyers might be the only type of home buyer that will purchase a probate house due to legal complications. 

So, if you’re trying to sell your house for the first time, remember the details in this article. If you are trying to sell an old home, a fixer-upper, or a probate home, you might have a trickier experience selling. Don’t be afraid to sell to a cash buyer or get help from a real estate agent when you’re having difficulty selling your home.

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