Luxury Features to Help Market Your Home to Wealthier Buyers

Are you trying to upsell your house to wealthier buyers that are flooding into your local housing market? If so, having your house in a high-demand location without updating anything might not cut it for your ideal buyers. Here are a few luxury features to help market your home to wealthier buyers.

Great Views

First, many wealthier buyers are looking for great views when they’re in the market for a new home. If your home is located in a beautiful area that has some great lookout views, you’ve already got a huge advantage over other homeowners. Make sure that your house and yard are oriented to provide a focus on those great views. 

For example, you can trim back your bushes and trees to provide an unobstructed view of the beautiful landscape surrounding your property. You can also update your home, adding large windows and glass doors to really emphasize the great views that are around your home.

A Pool

Many wealthier buyers are also looking for a pool when they’re shopping for a new home. Pools can be a centerpiece of social activities and parties. They can be a great entertainment feature for kids, but they’re also wonderful for adults or guests of any age. Having a pool on your property really elevates the space and helps your home to look more high-end and appealing. 

If you already have a pool but it is looking a little under the weather, try updating your pool by adding new, pristine tile, updating grouting, or applying a fresh coat of paint. Having a new-looking pool will really bring in high-paying buyers.

Spa-like Bathrooms

Another feature that many wealthier buyers are looking for is spa-like, luxury bathrooms. If you’re trying to update your home to prepare it to be sold to high-end buyers, you cannot skip the bathroom renovations. Wealthier buyers are looking for bright, clean, open bathrooms with luxury features such as large, walk-in steam showers and freestanding bathtubs. Expensive materials such as marble countertops and gold hardware, backlit mirrors, and more are also highly valued by these types of buyers. Even if the rest of your house isn’t perfectly updated, your luxury bathroom will be a huge selling point, persuading them to purchase your house.


So, if you’re trying to sell your house to a wealthier buyer, remember these luxury features that you need to include in your home. Make sure that you emphasize your home’s great views, spruce up your pool, and update your spa-like bathrooms. This will help your house to be more attractive and luxurious for high-end buyers.


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