How to Think Long-Term About Your Rental Properties

If you are a landlord, you already know the ins and outs of rentals. In fact, the job can be so demanding and you might be so busy that you forget to think beyond your tenants’ immediate needs and the piles of office work demanding your constant attention. 

However, to be successful as a landlord it is vital to think about your properties in the long term. 

Encourage Tenants to Sign a Lease

Of course, one of the most important aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship is the lease. The lease protects you both from anything that could cause either of you harm. For landlords, long-term renters are the gold standard of tenants. 

While it might be advantageous in some instances to allow for short-term leases, you should shoot for longer-term leases in general. The ideal lease will last an entire year. Without a lease, your tenants are considered month-to-month tenants–offering you no protection from sudden vacancies and extensive financial loss.

Modernize Your Properties

One way to encourage long-term tenants is by keeping them happy. The most effective way to do this is to through the rental property itself. A modern, clean, attractive home that functions properly is far more likely to attract the kind of long-term tenants you are hoping for. One area to keep up-to-date on is the kitchen. 

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so make sure your rental properties are equipped with updated appliances and fixtures. Modernizing a home also requires updating your floors. Few things kill an aesthetic quite like dirty or matted carpets, crumbling grout, or dated laminate. 

Provide Desired Amenities

There are trends in rental property amenities just like there are with anything else. Follow these trends by offering the current fads in amenities and you will experience fewer vacancies. For example, in-house washers and dryers are far more attractive to renters than a laundromat. You could also offer covered parking, access to a pool, workout equipment, or an inclusive pet policy. Be willing to invest a little in your properties so that they are sure to attract the best tenants. 

Your rental properties should be long-term investments, so be sure to think of them in those terms. Always ask yourself what you can do to improve your tenants’ experiences so that you can generate more long-term renters. Finally, don’t forget to consider your own long-term needs as a landlord. For example, hiring a property manager might save you from experiencing burnout down the road. 

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