How to Expand Your Search for Your Dream Home

Once you’ve been a homeowner for a while, you get a pretty good idea of what you do and don’t like in a house. That knowledge is crucial when it comes to searching for your dream home. After all, you can’t buy what you can’t find (unless you build it, but that’s another story altogether). Of course, you can’t always find your dream house close to where you live now, which means you’ll have to expand your search.

Look Out in the Exurbs

Have you looked in the exurbs for your dream house? Exurbs are typically prosperous areas outside of a city and beyond the suburbs, yet more closely connected to the city’s economy than rural areas. These areas often have relatively low housing density, which makes it possible to find larger properties with ample square footage without compromising on yard space. 

Having plenty of yard space is especially attractive for families with children or grandchildren who come to visit frequently. There are tons of great ways to customize your backyard to make it your own little slice of paradise.

Move Out of State

You may be pretty attached to the state you’re currently living in, but your dream home may be easier to find (and afford) in another state. Nearly 20% of movers move to another state each year. Some move for work opportunities while others move because the cost of living is more affordable. 

In the case of searching for your dream home, certain types of homes are easier to find in different states. You’re less likely to find a beach house-style property in a landlocked state like Kansas or a cabin lodge on a Florida coast. If you have a specific style of house in mind or a particular price point you want to hit, looking out of state may be your best option.

Look Online

The internet has a ton of resources that can help you find your dream home. There is arguably no better way to expand your search. All you have to do to get started is identify features you want your dream house to have and start searching. Some property search sites have apps you can use to get notifications for properties that match your criteria. You can also turn to social media, online forums, and groups dedicated to certain types of property.

If you’re in a position to make your next home your dream home, there’s no time like the present to start searching for it. Finding the perfect home for you is bound to take some time. After all, there are so many boxes to check for a home to truly be your dream home. Don’t be afraid to expand your search a little. Finding the right home that fits you perfectly is worth it.

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