Fun Features That Make Your Vacation Property Stand Out

You know how to invest well, which is why you have a vacation property you rent out to guests. Certain features, however, make your vacation property more appealing than the competition. Although these features tend to require an additional investment on your part and a little bit of upkeep, they are worth it over time. Here are some money-making features for your rental property. 

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a must-have for so many guests going on vacation. Outdoor kitchens provide the comfort of home with the scenery of vacation. While custom outdoor kitchens tend to have a substantial upfront cost, they pay themselves off with the amount of foot traffic they generate over time. People on vacation look for this popular feature when selecting a vacation property to rent for good reason.

Golf Putting Green

Men find a casual game of golf relaxing, so it should come as no surprise that having a putting green as a part of a vacation rental property tends to attract more guests. Maintenance of a putting green is not as difficult as one might imagine because there are companies who specialize in the upkeep, and sharing the putting green with other local property owners can offset the cost. Adding various features to your putting green can make the game more interesting and challenging. And what is more, your guests will want to come back year after year.

Water Fun

One of the most popular ways for vacationing individuals to relax and unwind is with water. Pools are fun features that families tend to look for when searching for the perfect vacation rental. The cost of installation and upkeep are both relatively low, and the payoff tends to be great. Luxury hot tubs are another fun feature that singles and couples tend to look for when picking out their vacation rental. Hot tubs are easy to install and great for warm and cold climates, alike. Depending on the guests you are trying to attract, hot tubs and pools are sure to bring more guests to your vacation rental property. 

Once you’ve found the right property in the best area, you want your vacation property to stand out for all the right reasons. By having fun features such as a putting green, an outdoor kitchen, and a pool or hot tub, your vacation property will be the one that guests want to stay at over the competition. The investment will be worth it in the end because these additions only add value to your property and are relatively simple to maintain.