Features Your Vacation Rental Needs to Have

Deciding to invest in real estate is one of the smartest moves that you can make to secure financial freedom and independence. What you decide to do with that estate can massively impact your decisions. You can decide to go the traditional, long-term rental route. Or you can make your property a vacation rental property, renting it out by the night to tourists and travelers. If you are looking to have a vacation rental, then you are going to need a few extra amenities to make it work. Here are three features your vacation rental needs to have.


The first feature that your vacation rental needs to have is entertainment. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hotel room that doesn’t have good TV, and nobody wants to stay in your vacation rental if you don’t have all the fix ins. You should offer your guests access to a Netflix account and the TV, as well as any video game stations you have and make sure that your entertainment center is in good shape. People want to feel luxury in a vacation rental, and you need to provide that with the entertainment.

A Pool

There are few features that can level up a vacation rental quite so much as a pool. Vacations and pools are practically synonymous and offering your vacation rental guests access to a backyard pool can be a major amenity that guests are willing to pay top dollar for. You will, however, need to maintain security of a pool in a vacation rental that may be left vacant occasionally. A cover can discourage unwanted guests on the property when the pool is not in use. Make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to keep your guests safe at your vacation rentals to avoid liability issues.

Access to the Sights of the City

The final thing that all vacation rentals need is easy access to the sights of the city. No one is going to need a vacation rental in the middle of nowhere. People want to vacation in areas that have a reason for vacation. Whether that is a major city, the ocean, cuisine, or nightlife, if your vacation rental property isn’t somewhere people vacation you aren’t going to make money. Put your vacation rental near the beach, or near a nightlife heavy area of town for the best returns.

Owning a vacation rental can be a very lucrative way to increase your monthly cash flow. But only if you know what features your vacation rental needs. Focus on these three features for an amazing vacation rental that your guests will love.

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