Costs to Factor in When Selling Your Home

When it’s time to move for whatever reason, it’s also time to sell the home you’re living in! Selling a home is an exciting proposition and can be lucrative, but there are costs to factor in before you list your home on the market. Some of these are obvious, but there are many that first-time sellers don’t know about! Let’s take a closer look at a few of these and learn more about repair costs, commissions, and marketing costs.

Repair Costs

Before listing your home for sale, it’s important to consider any potential repairs or improvements that will boost its value when selling. It could be something minor such as painting walls or replacing broken fixtures. Or it might require more extensive renovation including plumbing, electrical work or replacing flooring. Any upgrades will increase the cost of selling but should result in higher offers from buyers down the line.


By working with a realtor, you can maximize profits from your sale while ensuring everything is done legally and ethically throughout the process. Selling with a realtor is a tried-and-true method of selling a home, but their services naturally come at a price. Commission rates vary between agencies but generally speaking they are usually 6-7% of your total sales price plus GST/HST (depending on which province you live in). Generally speaking, more paperwork and negotiations often means more paid in commissions. This fee covers all aspects of listing and selling a property – like showings, open houses, negotiations up until closing—so it’s important that you select an agency with experienced agents who understand local real estate trends and regulations.

Marketing Costs

To gain visibility and generate interest, you must promote your home through a variety of channels including online listings and classifieds. You may even develop an exclusive website for your property or leverage social media to connect with prospective buyers. Depending on the advertising tactics you take up, these costs can accumulate swiftly – so devise a budget and decide which avenues you plan to use prior to listing it!

Selling a home is no small task, but you can make it through with careful planning and consideration. By considering all the costs associated with selling a home, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly during the process and maximize profits from the sale. From repairs to commissions, understanding these expenses prior to listing will help ensure a successful outcome. 

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