Common Types of Properties Investors Buy

Certain kinds of properties are better than others for investing. They might present more of an opportunity, might have more people willing to look into them – there might be any number of reasons. Regardless, if you’re looking to get into real estate (especially as an investor), here are a few common properties that tend to be popular investing assets.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are an extremely sought-after house type for renters. There are many families that are just starting out or are not quite at the financial point yet where they can start looking to buy. A house provides a lot of the space and accommodation that an apartment doesn’t. Even if you do have to get roommates in order to afford rent, you will have more space for yourselves. Houses also tend to be in safer, more suburban areas (although not always), attracting families who do not want to have to raise children in an inner-city environment.


Although it may depend on your location, condos are generally also seen as another desirable piece of investment property. While usually smaller than homes, they can still easily accommodate a small family. They also offer an element of simple style that a home may or may not offer. Other advantages come as well; condos often have an HOA that takes care of maintenance for you. This is clearly not the case with your average single-family house. Condos tend to be more common in either cities or beachfront areas. Thus, some of them may be more sought-out than others, depending on the location.

Commercial Real Estate

Owning a piece of real estate that is rented by a business, instead of an individual or family, brings with it unique pros and cons. Depending on the state of your local economy, it may be either easier or more difficult to find new renters. Local businesspeople are always looking to expand or start again, after all. But it is also the case that people need to have a place to live much more than they usually need a business – or rather, commercial property has a much smaller (if arguably more vigorous) market. Investing in commercial real estate is definitely a risk, but it is always one that pays handsomely if it goes well.

There are many other kinds of properties that investors buy beyond these three, but you are going to want to do the proper research into your local market before you make a decision. The economy is always changing. But with the right preparation, you can use that to your financial advantage.

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